Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yeah Right With A Fright!

The cat knows you humans exaggerate a bit. We've given that a hit. You know it too, no matter how much one tries to believe it isn't true. But the cat will prove it more with this one of lore.

No matter what.
Come meteors or King Tut.
Wait, that's not right.
Still no matter what at your site.

No matter the thing.
No matter fall or spring.
Still not right.
Could cause spite.

Oh, here we are.
Not meteor or car.
Nope, even more swell.
Come high water or hell.

Whoops, the reverse.
Betsy may curse.
But even invasion of the killer otter,
She'll stop come hell or high water.

Killer clowns on the lose.
Golden egg serial killer goose.
Plague to everyone, everywhere.
Every single person loses their hair.

No matter what comes due,
It we will get through.
Or I'll get there.
Or some other promise to spare.

Water that sucks up the earth.
Yeah, my words sure hold worth.
Hell comes and burns everything down.
But yep, I'll get to your town.

Riiiight says the cat.
And I'm a big rat.
Maybe I'm a dog too.
Shhh don't share at your zoo.

For if you do,
Come hell or high water I'll get you.
When really if either came,
I'd flat out forget that claim.

But shhhh don't tell.
That may offend hell.
May render the saying moot.
Can't have it go down the garbage chute.

Ever think about how dumb it really is with the hell or high water biz? I've used it a time or ten. Would it really apply at any den? Probably not, as either would leave you suffering from umm rot. That or hiding away until either got you at your bay. But hey, at least Killer Otters you can stop. Maybe come killer otter or clowns should be taught. At least then you'd stand a chance with such a pass. Anyway, come hell or high water, not really, I'll remain a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This Is Your Life Free From Strife!

The cat is here to tell you all. What will I tell at my hall? I'll tell you the life of some. You will sure love such a chum. It is just the best. They beat all the rest.

Today's the day.
The day I play.
Come what may.
Retired at my bay.

Let's take a drive.
Worth a dive.
I'll survive.
Make it out alive.

Stop in the parking lot.
See what can be caught.
Sit in my car and pick snot.
That helps me breathe a lot.

I'll sneak what I'm not allowed.
My, look at that small crowd.
These chips sure are great.
The wife will never know what I ate.

Let's move up two spots.
Pick my nose lots.
I've got such a good view.
Time for nostril number two.

Let's go for a drive.
A drive I'll survive.
It is such a merry day.
I wonder what's going on this way.

I'll come in and sit.
I'll shoot the shit.
The same shit I shot the day before.
Such crap I'll tell some more.

Repeat my life story.
Tell it in all its glory.
For I am oh so great.
No one anywhere can relate.

I'm old and wise.
I get the prize.
Everything I say is truth.
Even if I got it at the tourist booth.

Time to go home and sleep.
Tomorrow out I'll creep.
I'll do this over again.
Such a life at my den.

Is that really retired? If so, I'll stay hired. Pfffffffft to such crap. To each their own across the map. But can you imagine going to the same place with the same people talking the same crap every SINGLE day? Put me down if that ever comes to be at our bay. Are you one that likes that? Repeat the same things to death where you are at? Glad I got a writing pass so that will never ever come due for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Up To One Or A Ton?

You see it here and there. At many a lair. The numbers game is had. Some love it at their pad. That we've done. But what about the one?

No Matrix remake.
Drown that in a lake.
Will probably be a 4.
But skip that tour.

Instead, look at me.
1000s come to be.
Flock to you like shit.
Making everything a hit.

Everything that's said.
Even if brain dead.
All latch onto every word.
Following like a herd.

That makes you grand.
Let's give you a hand.
A thousand hands or so.
Look at them grow.

None you know.
Can create a foe.
But still know none.
Let's give another 1000 a run.

Look at him.
He's so grim.
Only a little bit.
Can't have that shit.

All they know.
None eat crow.
Not creating a foe.
Not reaching a new low.

But look at me.
I'm higher than thee.
That makes me best.
Beats all the rest.

Oh, they have more.
Follow my encore.
Add me to the pile.
I'll love you all the while.

You have friends?
Know their trends?
What's important in that?
I have thousands following my scat.

What's more important to you? The numbers game coming due? Knowing many that you follow or staying all nice and hollow? Sometimes you need the numbers to get that ten second look. On it many could write a book. I'd rather have fun with those I know and then the numbers shall grow. I'll ignore the ones who shout I've got thousands in mass. Pffft as they try and puff themselves up to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.